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Air Conditioning

Many people think air-conditioning systems are there to simply cool down your car. In fact, they also act as an air filtering system for the inside of your car, removing bacteria, pollen and pollutants. Air conditioning systems can become slow and inefficient as coolant gradually reduces over time. It is therefore typically recommended that your air-con system is serviced every 2 years to maintain the system and keep it working effectively (your annual MOT test does not include a check of your air conditioning system). Inefficient systems use more fuel by putting more strain on the engine to work effectively so it make sense to get your system checked.  

Lewes Garage Service offers a comprehensive air-conditioning repair and maintenance service. As a family run business, based in Lewes, we have been providing Lewes and the Sussex area with a professional air-conditioning service for many years. Our experienced team offer an initial temperature check to see if your air-con system working effectively completely free of charge. From here, if any work is required we can undertake this whilst you wait. 

Lewes Garage Service Air Conditioning Service includes: 

  • Comprehensive repair and service
  • Free check of air conditioning system
  • Recharge of refrigerant to required levels
  • Air filters cleaned and replaced 
  • Repair of compressor and removal of any blockages in condenser

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